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The investment in Stargard Industrial Park includes the construction of an industrial hall with social-office facilities, with an area of ​​approximately 11 000 m2, where two production lines will be installed. The Company’s main activity is metal coils cutting, grinding and leveling in order to sell them to the end users. Aditionally, there is planned the construction of a rail cargo handling terminal. The estimated value of the investment is approx. 70 million PLN. Van Heyghen Steel Poland plans to hire about 70 people in the early stages of the project. Every additional production line creates another 35 new jobs. The company “Van Staal Heyghen” was founded by Mr. Henry Van Heyghen in 1981. In 1989 VHS moved its headquarters to Evergem in Ghent, Belgium. More information about the company in Belgium can be seen at:


  1. New Investment in Stargard
  2. German giant in the fields of engine manufacturing, propulsion and energy systems, Tognum group, invests in the Industrial Park of High Technologies. In Stargard will be built a factory incorporated into the group company MTU, in which diesel engine parts will be produced. The company plans to subsume the factory in Stargard to its network of research and development centers.
    The investment will be located on a plot of 20.25 acres included in the special economic zone. The estimated value of investment is 90 million Euros and the plant is going to employ 200 people.